SBC Travel utilizes distributed ledger technology and the global travel ecosystem to provide innovative consumer rewards, lower fees, faster merchant settlement, and increased data privacy.

Token Presale Coming November

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Consumer Benefits

Transparent and Low Fee System

SBC Travel’s rewards and cryptocurrency ecosystem will save consumers millions in fees and offer very attractive discounts on travel.

Transferable and active loyalty rewards

Consumers will have open access to their loyalty points and have unlimited options for using and transferring them.

Improved Customer Service

Consumers will be reconnected with merchants and this direct access will streamline communication and improve customer satisfaction.

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Merchant Benefits

Return of market share through direct access

SBC Travel will help merchants regain direct access to their customer base through updated technology and distributed ledger systems.

Lower operational costs

SBC Travel will reduce fees and operating costs for Merchants by removing middle-men.

Increasing consumer loyalty

SBC Travel will increase consumer loyalty for merchants through a new sophisticated rewards program, which brings consumers into the SBC Travel ecosystem and facilitates relationships with merchants.

Fast and efficient payments and settlements system

Through the use of blockchain and smart contracts, SBC Travel will streamline the supply chain process, enabling multiple fiat and cryptocurrencies, payment tracking and delivery confirmation, and more.

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Distributed Ledger

SBC Travel will utilize distributed ledger technology (DLT) to ensure data privacy through the permissioned nature of GTX cryptocurrency.

True Peer-to-Peer

GTX is a true peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that enables instant, near-zero fee payments to anyone in the world - anywhere, anytime. It's both faster and more efficient than Bitcoin.

Digital Wallet Encryption

A "digital wallet" allows you to store funds and payment information including digital cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or GTX. The wallet is encrypted to protect your assets.

Customer Experience

SBC Travel delivers a simple 3-step booking process and rapid settlement procedure for merchants. Merchants save on fees and the time it takes to receivepayments from intermediaries are reduced. Customers receive better customer service and discounts from merchants.

Customer Rewards

Consumers can earn and redeem GTX Rewards Tokens when shopping at retail locations, food outlets, booking flights, or staying at participating hotels. Purchases may be made globally at all participating merchants and locations.

System Messaging Architecture

Our messaging platform overcomes limitations related to identity control, eliminates intermediaries, and confirms authenticity through verification.

Proposed Development and ICO Roadmap

  • Q4 2018

    Token Sale, Token Exchange, and Consumer app (beta release)
  • Q1 2019

    Upgraded SBC Ecosystem Rollout and Travel Wholesale integration for discounted travel packages
  • Q2 2019

    3rd Party API Integration
  • Q3 2019

    Fraud API Tools Integration
  • Q4 2019

    Travel Technology Platform Integration (Sabre, Travelport, Amadeus)
  • Q2 2020

    Launch SBC Platform as a Service for White Labelling
  • Q3 2020

    Machine Learning Data Integration
  • Q4 2020

    Marketplace for Loyalty Points Across Other Point Schemes

Token Distribution
Price not less than 1 GTX = 2 CHF


Total GTX CoinsPartyGTX Allocation
750M Purchased Tokens 450M
Growth Tokens 150M
Team Tokens 150M

Important Dates

Pre-Sale launch date and time October 31st 2018
End of Pre Sale 45 days
Public Token Sale Until Complete
Purchased tokens will be allocated upon receipt of either Swiss Francs or XCF (which can be purchased by ETH, BTC or other crypto), however they will not be transferred to a purchaser’s nominated wallet until 14 days from receipt of funds.


Growth Tokens - 20% of GTX tokens (150,000,000) will be allocated to ensure that liquidity and incentives will be available to distribute to consumers and agents to grow the network post the Sale.

Team Tokens - 20% of GTX tokens (150,000,000) will be allocated to the SBC Team (advisors and core team) and vested to align the Team with project delivery.

Token Presale Coming November

Only registered users receive discounts. We respect your privacy.

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1. Global Travel Token Opportunities

SBC has a number of opportunities to disrupt the current hospitality payments and rewards offerings by creating a new (GTX) token for the travel industry.

Travel Industry Settlement Solution

Replace Virtual Credit Card payments between distributors (Online Travel Agents) and suppliers (Hotels and Airlines) with the Global Travel token.

This would substantially reduce the cost for travel agents, hotels, airlines, rental car companies etc. moving from a high cost merchant fee % to a flat fee and low % transaction model.

2. Global Travel Token

B2C Travel Rewards Program
Introduce a Crypto rewards solution where consumers could Earn and Redeem Crytpo when shopping at retail locations, eating at food outlets booking flights or staying at participating hotels.

B2B Travel Rewards Program
Paying travel agents rewards with GTX token for placing bookings with specific hotels or airlines. This type of incentive exists in the industry today but using vouchers as currency. GTX token would be preferred by the industry.

SBC Management Team



Daryn has over 25 years payments experience and helped develop the world's first multi-currency travel card platform. He most recently oversaw 52 hotel operations in the hospitality sector. Daryn has extensive background in payment processing, management of start-ups, hospitality and hotel operations and has held key positions in well-established companies such as Visa Inc, Rev Worldwide and Minor Hotel Group.



Bruce has 25 years experience in the Electronic Payments Industry. As CFO for QSI Payments Inc (purchased by MasterCard), Bruce was responsible for commercial viability and business strategy. Bruce established iPay Options, which has developed a number of payment and FX platforms.


Executive Director

Jack has extensive experience in currency, commodities, CFD, and Index trading through decades of involvement in number of European and Asian Banks and foreign exchange operations. Jack has also assisted in establishing several Chinese Provincial Level precious metal and Commodity Exchanges.


Executive Director

Simon has over 38 years experience in project management, financial consulting, customer relationship, and marketing channel development. He was a founder of the Taiwan Investment and Financial Planning Development Association. He pioneered the introduction of International Offshore Insurance products (OIUs) to many Asean countries. Simon is currently the Chairman and Founder of Suei Tai Insurance Brokerage & Financial Consulting Company.


Chairman & CEO

Martin is a professional fund manager and financial services executive with over 15 years of experience. His expertise in international banking, portfolio management, structured products, and the FX industry places him as one of the top consultants in today's financial world. Martin was a senior manager at UBS in Switzerland and is currently CEO of an international independent asset management company based in Bern, Switzerland.


Executive Director

Graham has over 39 years' experience in banking, investment banking, finance, futures and structured derivatives, foreign exchange, and payments. Graham was a member of senior management at Banker's Trust, Grindlays, and Capel Court Investment Bank in Australia before becoming Global Head of Futures and Derivatives at Barclays de Zoet Wedd then Barclays Capital, building a global execution and clearing business for Barclays Bank with offices in 10 countries.


Legal Advisor

Dr Adrian McCullagh specializes in IT and IT Security law with a focus on blockchain technology. He has been appointed to Standards Australia's Blockchain Technical Committee and the International Blockchain Intellectual Property Committee. He is currently advising four token sales, a number of government bodies, and is asked to speak regularly on the regulatory issues related to the subject.